SMC 2021 NEWS Update

SMC 2021 NEWS Update

Dear all,

Although everything is still uncertain, due to the current Covid status,  we have proceeded with the preparations for SMC 2021.

As you can also see on the home page of this website we have a pre-liminary schedule :

* Definite Go-Ahead  – 15th July (or sooner if possible)
* Registration Trade – already available (check the Trade Page)
* Registration Clubs – already available (please use the contact form for clubs)
* Opening workshops registration – August 1
* Registration Hotel Rooms at NH venue – August 1
* Online Ticket sales – August 1
* Opening Contest registration – September 1

Apart from that, we have invited all vendors that have signed up for the mailing list and we will start inviting clubs very soon too.

Clubs that are interested in a stand, please use the club contact form

And vendors that require a stand are requested to sign up for the vendor mailing list. However, if you have been trading at SMC in the past, or have booked (and paid!) for your stand at the World Model Expo, please check your email first (including the spam folder) as we have sent you a newsletter recently.

As for the contest: the classes, rules and judging criteria have been published on the contest page.  We have made some changes in the contest, in line with our contest philosophy,  that might well be worth looking at. 

The workshops program is also under construction. And although we will offer a less elaborate program than usual, the line up is smashing and well worth the wait. Stay tuned! 


A word about the room reservations: 
On social media we sometimes see people stating they booked a room, which is usually cause for total panic all around, angry and sometimes even abusive reactions toward the organisers.

Please be assured that maybe these individuals have booked a room indeed, but certainly not at NH Koningshof. We’ve checked with NH and the say that all rooms for the SMC weekend are blocked until we open the reservations according to the agreed schedule and via the method that will be explained later on the Hotel Reservations page

Finally, as mentioned, we are very much aware that the odds are not in our favour, but we wish to keep the spirits high and are eager to welcome you all again in October.


Please watch this website for more information in the months to come.

Stay safe and healthy!

The SMC Team



SMC 2021 Saturday 16th, and Sunday 17th October 2021
Be there and make the difference!

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Small update on SMC 2021

Well….. update…

Not sure if the word update is in place, because we actually do not have any news for you yet.

Not about the show, not about hotel room reservations, no news for traders .

The simple truth is that the current situation around Covid-19 shows little progression in the sense that we cannot guarantee anything yet. Measures in the Netherlands are still strict and we will all have to be patient and take the time to see how matters evolve.

Keep fingers crossed and stay positive.

We’ll be back!



Announcing SMC 2021!



Dear friends,


We hope that all of you are still safe and sound.

We are excited to announce that the 14th Scale Model Challenge will take place on October 16 and 17 2021!

Weren’t we supposed to have a World Model Expo instead?

Well, yes that was the plan, but, given the current state of affairs concerning the Covid-19 pandemic, the chances of being able to hold a smaller event in October is much more realistic than having an large event like the World Model Expo in July next year.

Of course we talk about a show like WME, or SMC,  in the way we intend it to be: without mandatory social distancing & face masks, and with the possibility of international (air)travel, and with handshakes, hugs and having a beer or two with good friends.

But why an SMC and not a WME? The WME is too big an event to be held in October in the current venue. A WME requires (substantially) more space for e.g. the catering areas and the contest than would be needed for a Scale Model Challenge. Also, as a consequence, part of the catering area at the WME, as well as several additional events were anticipated outdoors. And although the outside area would be sheltered, our climate is such that being outdoors in October, unlike in July,  can be a bit of a challenge, to say the least.

The WME will be postponed to 1-2-3 July 2022. For more info, please go to the WME2022 website

By offering you an SMC in 2021 we hope to bring  the community back together again. We have all been seperated for too long.
Now let’s keep our fingers crossed that we can have an all new SMC in 2021 and we hope to see all of you again in October 2021.

More information for visitors, clubs, and vendors, details about the contest, workshops and more will be published in the first quarter of 2021.


SMC 2021 Saturday 16th, and Sunday 17th October 2021
Be there and make the difference!

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