Before registering your models for the contest, we strongly recommended that you read the rules, classes, and the judging criteria closely. You can find these at the bottom of this page. These will help you to understand our contest and you will be able to select the correct class(es) in which to enter your model(s). In these files you will also find more detailed information about the contest than you can read on this page.

The awards ceremony will be held on Sunday and starts at 15:45 hrs, in the Brabant hall a.k.a. the SMC restaurant. You can find the location on the floor plan on this website.

We would like to remind you that the contest area will be closed during judging, which means that the contest room will close on Saturday from 15:00 onwards and will only re-open to visitors on Sunday, at 10:00 until closing of the show


Bronze, Silver and Gold medals are awarded on stage, as are the three Best of awards: Best of Scale Modelling, Best of Fantasy Figures, Best of Historical Historical.

Highly Commended (HC) awards will not be awarded on stage, but you will find lists at the contest area and contest registration room with the winners of the HC awards.  You can claim your HC award at the contest registration area on Sunday between 13:00 and 15:00.

Clubs and vendors are welcome to add their awards to the models on the contest tables directly. Due to time limitations we do not give any traders or club awards on stage.

Contest Registration

Attention: You can only participate in the contest for two days. Registration on Sunday at the show is not possible, nor can you place models on the contest tables on Sunday. This also applies to “Out of Contest” models.

The contest registration desks are located in a separate area adjacent to the contest tables. This will make it easier for you to find the correct desk to finalize your entries. Please proceed to the floorplan for more details.

There is a standard fee per participant, regardless of the number of pieces your enter:

  • Pre-registration fee is € 12.50 per participant (User ID) and is only valid when paid online before October 6.
  • For registrations or payments made at the show the fee is € 20 p.p.

The entrance fee for the show is not included in the contest fee!


Out of competition exhibits: 
For those of you who wish to display their models, but do not wish to enter the competition, we have allocated part of the contest tables for so called “Out of Contest” models.
Please note that pre-registration (Class 0)  and payment is also required for “out of competition” models.  Due to space restrictions we cannot accept Out of Competition models at the show itself.


  • When you create an account In Emperor, either by pre-registration or by day-registration, you will receive a User ID. Please mark this User ID. On Saturday we provide Post-It’s to write them down in case you register at the show itself. Having your User ID present will speed up the administrative process on Saturday! The user ID is also printed on the owners list. On your owners list is also indicated whether you have paid your registration fee or not.
  • In Emperor you can choose your level in the Figure contest, and the same or another level in the Ordnance (Scale Modelling) contest. Be aware that if you decide to change your level(s) after entering the models, you will need to re-enter those models of which the level has been changed.
  • On Saturday you can pay for your entries by cash or by PIN (Debet card) or credit card.
  • When collecting your models after the show on Sunday, you could be requested by our security team to show your owners list.  You will receive this list at the registration desk in any case, but you can also print it yourself and bring it along.

There are two options for entering the competition:

PRE-REGISTRATION (reduced fee!)

Through the online registration application EMPEROR, from 1st August until 6th October 2024, 22:00 CET

In Emperor you will create your own account, using your own password. You can make any changes on-line until 6th October 2024. Changes after that date can only be made by our staff at the contest desk at SMC. This date is also the deadline for pre-payment of your reduced participation fee. In case you decide to pay at the show, you will be required to pay the full amount.

On Saturday, we provide different desks especially for pre-registrations.
One desk will be for pre-registrations that require changes (e.g. adding or deleting models. This sometimes happens, but takes a bit more time to process) , and two more desks are for pre-registrations that do not require changes. We split those two desks for participants by alphabet (last name).
Please note that paying for, or making changes in, your pre- registration on Saturday at the show, will slow down the administrative process considerably, so in case you need to make any changes, please make them yourself, before Sunday 6th ctober 2024, 22:00 CET.

Upon arrival at the show, please proceed to the correct desk and collect an envelope that contains your owners list (list with your entered models), stickers, and markers to border your display(s).


on Saturday at the show, between 10:00 and 13:00(!) 

In case you have not pre-registered, you should enter all data yourself at the terminals that we have available for you in the contest area. We also provide assistance, should you need any. Don’t hesitate to ask!

After you have completed your entries, please proceed to the separate desk where all day-registrations are handled,  to pay the contest fee and collect your envelope that contains your owners list, stickers, and  markers to border your display(s).

There will be a special separate desk to handle all day-registrations.

Please note: Pre-registrations that have not been paid online before October 1, should be paid at the appropriate desk at the contest registration area, and will be charged at the full fee, €20

Registration starts 1 August 2024

Time left until opening pre-registration (August 1, 06:30 CET!)