Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions about about SMC

Can I book a hotel room already?

Yes you can . Check this page please.

Can you book me a room?

No, please got to this page to book your room.

Can I book a vendor stand?

Not anymore. We’re fully booked. We always send  invitations to our loyal vendors late December when we open registrations.

“New” vendors, a.k.a. those interested and haven’t been trading at SMC during the recent edition or haven’t been trading at SMC before at all, please go to the landing page of our website and scroll down to the bottom of the page. There you’ll find a link to sign up to the “new vendors” list. You can still sign up for the waiting list. More info can be found there.

Is there a hotel near the show?

Yes, check this page please.

Are there more hotels in the area?

Sure, check this page please.

Can I book our club stand?

No, club stands are available by invititation only. We are not playing hard to get, but due to limited available space we have to make choices. You can drop us a line if you want a club stand: : clubsmc@hotmail.com

Can I book tickets online?

Not yet, but we are working on it to get that organized for 2019.

Can I get cash from an ATM at the show, venue or hotel?

No. NH Eindhoven does not have a ATM. There is one at 15 minutes walking distance.

Why don’t you arrange for an ATM machine at the show?

Trust us, we’ve tried every option and for the duration of our event we haven’t found possibilities. It’s 100% up to NH to decide whether they place an ATM. We keep pushing them, but we don’t own the venue.

For 2019 we will ask all SMC vendors whether they also accept e-payments of any kind and will indicate those who do on the floor plan in due time.

Can I pay by card at the show?

Yes, although limited to debit cards only.

The entrance fee can be paid with debit cards at two of the three ticket counters at the main entrance and also at the entrance through the hotel. We also take card payments at the tombola stand. We are not allowed to handle credit card payments or providing you with cash. It’s the law, not ill will.

Why can't you make everybody happy?

Because we cannot do magic, but we’re stupid enough to give it a try anyway.

Still need help? Send us a note!

For any other questions, please use the contact form on this website 

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