During both days of the show, we offer visitors the opportunity to follow several interactive workshops conducted by renowned modellers.
Please note that pre-registration is required. We do not accept registrations during the show.





The primary language in all classes will be English  unless indicated otherwise!

Workshop Prices
The prices of all workshops mentioned for each workshop do not include the SMC admission fee. However, after registration you will receive an automatically generated invoice that will include the cost of a two-day admission ticket at a reduced price of € 10 (only valid in combination with one or more workshops!) We will charge only one ticket per participant, regardless of the number of workshops you enter.
In the outline (PDF) of each workshop you will find what else is included in the price.

Please note that we only accept participants that have pre-registered using the registration form.
We do not accept registrations on site, during the show.

Show admission & contest participation
Workshop participants are requested to enter the show via the fast entry lanes, thus avoiding the inevitable queue at the entrance in the morning.
Workshop participants that enter models into the SMC contest, are invited to use the priority check-in lane in the contest registration room on Saturday, so they can be at their workshop in time.
It is recommended that you pre-register your models for the contest. Pre-registration for the contest opens early September.

We do not send your admission tickets by mail. We will inform you about the admission procedure to all workshop participants in the weeks prior to the show, when you will also receive the final details. This email will be sent in the beginning of October.



(Participation is no longer possible. We do not take registrations at the show)  

Saturday, October 19 

10:30-13:00 Gerard Boom – Structures from Styrodur  – Meierijfoyer

10:30-15:30 Andy Wardle – Brush skills class – Class room 18
10:30-15:30 Dmitry Fesechko – Introduction to oil painting – Class room 19
10:30-15:30 Robert Karlsson – Introduction to the airbrush + contrast optimisation – Class room 20

15:45-18:45 Tue Kaae – Building a better idea – Class room 18
15:45-18:45 Kirill Kanaev – Painting German WWII Camouflage  – Class room 19
15:45-18:45 Roman Volchenkov – Enjoy Modelling: Universal and easy to use techniques  – Class room 20

Sunday, October 20

10:30-13:00 Gerard Boom – Structures from Styrodur – Meierij foyer

10:30-14:30 Michal Dostal – Working with oils & pigmanets and creating rust – Class room 18

10:30-15:30 Tue Kaae – Making stuff from Scratch: Material Tricks – Class room 19


Dmitry Fesechko ^

Introduction to oil painting

Join Dmitry in his workshop that reveals the basics of painting with oils.

This workshop is powered by IRBIS MINIATURES

Level: All levels

Kiril Kanaev ^

Painting WWII German Camouflage on a bust

Kirill shows you how to paint two different camo patterns in the most realistic way.
This workshop is powered by YOUNG MINIATURES

Level: Advanced


Roman Volchenkov ^

Enjoy modelling: universal & easy to use techniques!

Roman takes you through many useful and easy to apply techniques to enhance your models. This workshop is powered by AIRBRUSH SERVICES ALMERE

Level: Beginners/Advanced

Gerard Boom ^

Shifting Lands Hardfoam workshop

Gerard shows you how to take your diorama structures or gaming terrain to the next level with numerous techniques and handy tools. Two workshops, one every day.

Level: Beginners/Advanced

Michal Dostál ^

Working with oils, pigments and creating rust

Always wanted to know how to create convincing rust effects, subtle dust effects and how you can maintain the pigment volume of pigments after fixation? Here’s your chance to learn.

Level: Beginners/Advanced

Tue Kaae ^

“Building a better idea” and Material Tricks

Tue presents two workshops. On Saturday he’ll discuss how to achieve better results with your next project and on Sunday you’ll learn how to make better use of different materials.

Level: Advanced

Robert Karlsson ^ (SOLD OUT !)

Introduction to the airbrush & contrast optimisation

Robert Karlsson shows how to use the airbrush to the max in figure painting. This workshop is powered by ARADIA MINIATURES & AIRBRUSH SERVICES ALMERE

 Level: Advanced

Andy Wardle ^ (SOLD OUT !)

Brush skills class

Painting is not only about having the right materials but you also need to know how to use them. Join Andy in this workshop about applying different brush techniques and paint dilutions.

Level: Beginners/Advanced


By registering you agree with the terms as stated below.

Workshop Prices
The prices of all workshops are including a two day admission ticket at a reduced price. This ticket will only be valid in combination with the workshops!
In the outline (PDF) of each workshop you will find what else is included in the price.

Use of airbrush compressors
Some workshops require using an airbrush, and a compressor of course. If this is the case, it will be specifically indicated in the outline document of that workshop. We prefer you bring your own compressor, but in case this is not possible we have multiple outlet compressors available. However, there will be a € 10 surcharge if you choose to use our compressor, unless indicated otherwise. You can indicate this option on the registration form. On the form you should also indicate the type of airbrush that you will bring, as we shall also provide quick release connectors to fit your brand airbrush. We charge a € 10 deposit for the use of these connectors which will be refunded in cash after returning it to us.

Materials provided by the organisation are property of SMC and are not supposed to be taken back home with you. Except for any models, figures or busts that are included in the price of several painting workshops, all provided materials are only provided for use during the workshop and not included in the price of the workshop as such. Please respect our properties.

Participants will receive an invoice after registration and payment is due in advance, within 7 (!) days of the invoice date.
Paypal payments are subject to a 5% surcharge.
Please note that we do not confirm receipt of payments, but only send reminders in case your payment is overdue. If you do not receive any notification after payment, it simply means that your seat is ensured. No need for panic!

Cancellations and refunds
We guarantee that participants will be 100% refunded, minus possible banking or PayPal charges, in case of cancellation by the teacher.
Alternatively, if participants have a liable reason to cancel themselves they will be refunded according to the following model:
  Cancellation before 15th September 2019: 75% of the paid amount, minus banking charges when applicable
  Cancellation after 15th September 2019: no refund

Please note that in case you cancel your workshop(s), the reduced rate entry ticket that is included with your participation will become void! When visiting SMC without attending the workshops, the regular entrance fee rates apply. This also applies in case of cancellation by the teacher. This pre-paid ticket will also be refunded, of course.

IMPORTANT: All cancellations are required to be made by email to the address stated on the invoice. If we do not receive any notification of absence nor your payment, this is not considered a cancellation and payment is still required.

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