Poster SMC 2017 ready !

Hi folks,

it took us a bit this time around, but we proudly present you the SMC 2017 poster.

Design and concept by Chris Clayton.

We have added the poster and flyer front and back’ also to the download page of this website. you are free to use them for promoting SMC om your blog, webiste, facebook page etc.

See you in October!
`Be there and make the difference`

Club tables are also fully booked!

Well, that went quickly. After announcing yesterday that we had opened the registration for clubs stands at SMC 2017, we already have report to you that all tables are now taken. In case you are interested in a club stand, please let us know and we will add you to the waiting list. We will contact you in case space becomes available of course.

Thanks to all registered clubs for your enthusiasm and support for SMC.


Registration for clubs is open!

Hi everybody,

Just a short note to inform you that the registartion for clubs is open . Please be informed that there is only a very limited number of tables left, so don’t wait to fill out the registration form.


Hotel reservations for SMC 2017 available

Hi there,

We have prepared the basic information about Scale Model Challenge 2017, and the webpages are partly online now. Meanwhile we are steadily working on the remaining web pages. Invites to vendors will go out before too long, but clubs will have to wait a bit before we can start their registration. We are also working hard on a rather big overhaul for SMC. The contest area will be larger and the clubs area will be smaller. SMC 2017 will also have a refurbished vendor area.

Also under constryction is the SMC contest: some new classes will be added and some will be deleted. One sneak preview: we will introduce a highly commended award in addition to the usual bronze, silver and gold medals.

One more thing, the hotel room registration at NH Eindhoven is already available, so make sure to book your rooms in time.

Anyway, there´s a lot to look forward to and we hope to see you all at SMC 2017. which will be held , like all SMC´s ’s from now on in the third weekend of October.

SMC  2017 Saturday 21st, and Sunday 22nd October 2017.
Be there and make the difference!


SMC logo black


It’s a wrap!

Dear painting and scale modelling friends,

SMC 2016 is over and what a blast it was. Not only have we set new records for ourselves in terms of numbers of traders, clubs, visitors and registered contest entries, but SMC 2016 has proven to even more people than before that above all, it is a social event. The presence of so many brothers and sisters in arms is a true blessing and it shows that there is so much more  to gain from this hobby, if you only bother to go out there every now and then.

We have seen visitors and traders from as far as Mexico, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Australia and it is really an amazing feeling and a privilege to be the host for all those visitors that have travelled from so far and an equal honour to be hosting for the ones that live only at walking distance from the great NH Eindhoven venue.

We are truly flattered and humbled by the large number of praises we have received, whether on Facebook, via Email or any other means of communication you can think of. The appreciation from you means a lot to us, and we will always listen to any constructive comments you may have.

To show we are just as imperfect as everybody else, we goofed up a bit with the selection of the new place for the award ceremony. It turned to be too small. In our favour we can only say that we never could have anticipated the enormous growth of both contest participants and contest entries with roughly 50% compared to 2015.

One decision for next year has already been made: the Award Ceremony in 2017 will be in the SMC restaurant. Which is a considerably larger hall, with a matching stage.

We wish to thank our  special guests Bill Horan and Mike Blank for their seminars, Radek Pituch, Bayin Wu, Meg Maples and Lester Plaskitt for their workshops, the many artists that have performed demos on the different vendor stands in the Expozone, but also the artists that showed their magic at the other vendor stands.

A big thanks to the entire team of judges who have spent 4 hours to reach the final verdict and selection of three wonderful Best of Shows.

Congratulations to:

Roger Hurkmans to obtain a Best of Show for his Avant Garde diorama in Historical Figure Painting. His second Best of Show at SMC.


Kiriakos Simos & Michael Kontraros for their Best of Show, also their second, in Fantasy Figure Painting with Atonement.


And Robert Doepp has also earned a second SMC Best of Show for his Zündapp KS 750.


Three master pieces of our hobby and images of these Best of Show winners can be found in “History”-section of the SMC website.

The complete list of medal winners is also available on the same page, as well as the annual Photo report by Eric Reits. We will add more interesting Photo reports and footage of the show in the near future.
In 2016 we have celebrated our 10th edition of SMC. In 2017 we have another celebration, because we can: 10 years SMC 2007-2017. For this occasion we will organize a major party on Saturday night in the from SMC visitors yet unknown, but large and great Metro bar at the NH Hotel. Definitely something to look out for.


To conclude, we invite you all to SMC 2017 which will be held, as all future SMC’s from now on in the third weekend of October.

SMC  2017 Saturday 21st, and Sunday 22nd October 2017.
Be there and make the difference!


SMC logo black


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