SMC Venue:

NH Eindhoven Conference Centre Koningshof
Locht 117
5504 RM Veldhoven
The Netherlands
NH Eindhoven website


Staying at NH Hotel Eindhoven “Koningshof”

NH Eindhoven Conference Centre Koningshof is situated in a former convent just outside the cities outskirts. With surrounding forest area, and many quite spots in- and outside the buildings NH Koningshof you are certain of a perfect SMC experience.

A nearby bus stop, opposite of the hotel entrance, makes it easy to reach from Eindhoven Central station with public transport. It´s only 20 minutes by bus to the centre of Eindhoven.

NH Eindhoven Conference Centre Koningshof offers great sports facilities, including a gym, an indoor sports court, squash courts, and also a solarium and sauna, and bike-rental 

The convention centre offers four main event halls and 80 conference rooms with 2.200 parking spaces.

The hotel has 497 rooms, split into 112 standard single rooms, 237 standard double rooms, 15 superior single rooms, 98 superior double rooms, and
35 superior XL rooms. There are several bars and restaurants to enjoy good drinks and food and the reception desk is staffed 24/7.



NH Koningshof Parking 

NH Koningshof has a parking lot with 2000 parking spaces for which they charge a parking fee.
Parking passes can be purchased at the hotel’s ticketing machines at the hotel lobby or at the main show entrance, AT ANY TIME (!) and also at hotel reception desk (open 24/7).
The first three hours are free of charge. We strongly advise NOT to use the Dutch app “Stadsparkeren”, to park on the NH premises, as this will be much more expensive than the price of an NH parking pass.

The prices are as follows:

First three hours €0
Per hour €1,50
Per 24-hour period €5
Weekend ticket, per 72-hour period (if bought from reception desk) €10

If you have a day or weekend parking pass you can exit and return to the parking lot with no restrictions.

Booking your room(s) at the NH hotel at the venue:

NH Eindhoven Conference Centre Koningshof has dedicated all of their nearly 500 rooms to guests of Scale Model Challenge.

You will only be able to make your room reservation  through the link below.


  • A credit card is required for making the reservation.  Please note that for security reasons, you will receive a separate request by E-mail for the card details from NH after you have sent your reservation form!
  • Advanced payment is required.
  • Free of charge cancellation of your room reservation is possible until 7 days prior to arrival.
  • NH will charge the due amount within 4 weeks after your reservation. In case you need to cancel after payment NH will refund you (see above)
  • Special reduced seasonal rates apply.

Here is some free advice:

The link for booking a room during SMC only applies to reservations at the NH Eindhoven Conference Centre Koningshof, which is the hotel at the venue.

In case you need more info: please contact the NH Eindhoven Conference Centre Koningshof only, and not any other NH hotel, the NH Netherlands head office or any other NH office in the world: j.jacobs”at”nh-hotels.com (replace “at”)

Contrary to what you might believe, SMC is not the biggest thing since sliced bread to them. Just saying…..

Please do not contact the SMC organisers for hotelroom reservations. WE RUN THE SHOW, NOT THE HOTEL!


Travelling tips

Travelling to SMC by air

You can fly to Eindhoven from many European cities. Please check the Eindhoven airport website for more information.

There is no direct bus from the airport to the SMC venue, but you can go from the airport to the Central Station and from there to NH Eindhoven Koningshof.

There are 4 busses per hour to and from the airport : Line 401
Or take the direct shuttle bus to and from the airport: line 400, also 4 times an hour.

Travelling to SMC train

If you travel to SMC by air and arrive at Schiphol (Amsterdam) Airport there are 6 trains per hour heading for Eindhoven.

From Eindhoven central station to the SMC venue you can take bus 19 or 319. Both stop at the busstop at the venue.

Bus services

From Eindhoven Central Train Station there are two bus lines that hold at the bus stop at NH Eindhoven Koningshof. These are lines 19 (destination: Bladel) and 319 (destination: Reusel).

Transit time is about 25 minutes.

Taxi Services

For travelling to and from the the venue by taxi we recommend the following taxi services:

details to be announced

Please consider waiting times especially on Saturday evenings.


Scale Model Challenge Venue

Click here to go to the NH Eindhoven SMC 2024 room reservation tool

open now!

What to do when the hotel of the NH Conference centre is fully booked !

We suggest to do the following:

Obviously there are many more hotels and other places to stay in and around Eindhoven. We have listed  them in a PDF ” alternative places to stay” . We have merely looked at hotels located along the motorways leading to NH Eindhoven.  All of the listed hotels, B&B’s and campings (with rental chalets) are situated at or near to the A67 leading from Venlo to Antwerp or at the A2 leading from Amsterdam to Maastricht.

Besides the hotels on this list, there are many hotels in the city of Eindhoven itself , which may be a viable consideration if you have to come to the venue by public transport (a bus stops in front of the venue)

In case you book at alternative locations without the obligation to pay in advance, we suggest that you try to use the above link from time to time, because people cancel their rooms sometimes, for whatever reason. And in case there are vacant rooms you will be able to book a room at the NH Eindhoven Conference Koningshof and then cancel the room you have booked elsewehere. So coming back here every now and them may pay off.
Please click on the icon on the left for the list of alternative accommodations in PDF format. The links to the websites on this PDF are interactive , so just click on them to be guided further.