SMC 2023 Results

We have published the results of the SMC 2023 on the “History” page of this website.
Along with it, you can find an elaborate photo report by Eric Reits, a video report by Figurine TV and links to a selection of reports we found on You Tube.

We hope that you enjoy watching it and if you feel like it: we have similar pages for every edition of SMC since 2007.

Meanwhile, we hope to see you back at SMC in 2024. Save the dates:


Best of Show 2024 winners

“Men and Whale”
by Per Olav Lund – Best of Ordnance

by Patrick Masson & Erik Swinson- Best of Fantasy Figures

“Ignacio Wills. Alpens – 1873”
by Juan C Avila Ribadas – Best of Historical Figures