Online Tickets – Work in Progress

Hi SMC friends,

Over the past years we have been asked regularly if it was possible to order tickets for SMC online.

In all honesty, we have not considered to offer this option until now, as we always thought that we could handle the ever growing hordes of visitors rather well. And actually we haven’t really changed our minds about our capabilities of managing a crowd.

So what has changed? Well, for one, it’s 2019 and we don’t want to be the dinosaur of  the show universe, so it’s time to progress a bit and offer tickets on line. 

Selling tickets online has some advantages for us as an organisation, but especially visitors can benefit from it as you will not have to stand in line to get a ticket first, but you can proceed directly to the fast lane entry. In an ideal world this would mean that you can walk straight in as we only need to scan your ticket. It may be a good thing though, to realise that you won’t be the only person who has bought an online ticket. Just saying…..

In the cause of 2019 we will implement an online ticketing option on this website. We target to launch this in August. So stay tuned! 


SMC  2019 Saturday 19th, and Sunday 20th October 2019
Be there and make the difference!

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SMC 2018 Aftermath

Scale Model Challenge


SMC 2018 is over and we can look back on a great show. And according to the many compliments we keep receiving, we can safely say we kicked some serious ass this weekend: 4.020+ attendees, 1.831 pieces in the contest, 55 clubs and 138 vendors and last but not least the SMC Team of 67 people made this into an unforgettable event.

Contest results of 2018, 1.500 pics from mr. E. Reist and the first video are already available on the  History page of this website. Stay tuned for more! 

See you all again in 2019, October 19 & 20.