Dear friends,

We have published the list of clubs and private displays as well the the full list of vensors and manufacturers on our website.

SMC 2016 offers the best of the best for scale modellers and figure painters and we are proud to say that the lists show even more variety than before with clubs, manufacturers and vendors from more countries than before.

The vendor list shows 106 companies divided over 95 stands. Intersting to know is that a number of manufacturers are bringing the best artists to perform ongoing demos in the Expozone, the central area of SMC.
In the Expozone you can also find a number of glass display cabinets with the work of various artists as well as collections showing the work of some the world´s best artists and we will add more names as we go along.

Of course we are looking forward to having Bill Horan over as our special guest at SMC this year.

In the meantime we are working on a workshop program as well. We intend to have various short (Duration: 2 – 2 1/2 hours) workshops that you can attend. We already booked Meg Maples from Australia, but there will be more. Stay tunes for more information on the workshops in the coming months.

Contest registration is not open yet as we are working hard to prepare our new application for this. We expect that you can register your entries late August.