The year of our 10th edition of SMC is well on it´s way and because our show is, by exception, in the first weekend of October already, SMC 2016 is closer than you think.

So, what´s up?

First of all, the official SMC video impression by Marten Rozendal is online on our you tube channel and can be found in the History section of our SMC website.

We have started the club registrations after Christmas last year and we can now report that table reservations have already reached 95% of the planned club space. So, if you have not registered your club stand yet, this might be the right moment to do so.

Late December  we sent out the invites to the vendors, and after only one month we already have a magnificent list of registered trade stands and a 75% occupation.  May we recommend that you register now, before it’s too late?

Did we already mention that our special guest for this year is no other than mr. Bill Horan from the USA?  No? Well, guess who will be our special guest for this year? You might be surprised to find that it is mr. Bill Horan from the USA!
Bill will do a presentation about his work on both days of the show. An opportunity not to miss.

What else do we have planned so far?

  • Since we have moved to two days, we thought it might be a good idea to offer you a number of short (2- 2 ½ hrs) interactive workshops that you can attend. We are planning a number of different workshops in which you can work with the best of the best on your figures or models. The program is still under construction, but we can already announce one workshop by Meg Maples.
  • We present our visitors a vast number of renowned modellers  and painters that will conduct ongoing demonstrations at their stands in the centrally located SMC EXPO ZONE.
  • After last year’s trial, SMC 2016 will host a large two day international Warmachine Steamroller tournament.  More info will follow shortly.
  • For those with a competitive spirit: our contest classes have been slightly refurbished and the switch to a two day show has made some changes necessary.  Read all about it on the contest page
  • A bit of an early notice but certainly handy in order to get used to it: Unlike previously, the main Awards Ceremony will be held on Sunday afternoon, around 15:30 hrs. in the Baroniehall of our venue,  the NH Eindhoven Conference Centre Koningshof. For veteran visitors: this is the room where we host the demos by our special guests.  For new visitors: just follow the signs. In any case: check the pre-limimary floorplan
  • For those of you planning to book a hotel room at the conference centre: please go to the special page on our website and use the NH event tool for booking your room and take advantage of the special rates and conditions for SMC attendants.
  • Concerning the registration for the annual diners we have made a substantial change. You are required to make your online reservation in advance.  Registered guests  on the list will get priority for the diner tickets. Non-registered attendants can only join upon availability.

We have lots more coming your way in the next months, so stay tuned or crash into our website every now and then.

See you all on October 1 & 2, 2016 at the 10th SMC 2016.