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Hello folks,

Our new contest application, EMPEROR, is ready, up and running, so we have opened the contest pre-registration today.

It all works pretty simple: create your own account and until 25th September 2016 you can add  or change or even delete your entries, correct your name in case you have misspelled it (yes, it happens 🙂 ) or change whatever needs to be changed.  Remembering your password is perhaps the hardest part, although you have to make up your own, so even that should be easy.

On October 1, we have two desks for all pre-registrations, so rest assured that you do not only save money when you pre-register, but you will also save time. Both of which can be spent wisely during your stay at SMC 2016.

All contest info, as well as the link to the pre-registration is available on the Contest page of this website.

Go for it and make the difference!