SMC 2016 is getting near and we ask for your attention for the following:

Contest pre-registration is open until midnight Sunday 25th September, please go to the Contest page and register at a reduced fee while you still can. Scroll down on the contest page to find the link to our EMPEROR application. 

FAQ: Can I purchase admission tickets online?
A: No, unfortunately we have no online sales system, yet.

Anyone who wishes to join our diners on Saturday and/or Sunday, please note that your required to register for them. Contrary to previous years you will only be able to purchase your diner vouchers at the NH hotel reception when you have registered and are on the list. Please go to the diners registration form to ensure your seats.

NH Hotels is experiencing some issues with their recently implemented reservations system. This effects not only NH Eindhoven, and their Spanish HQ is having issues repairing it. So, if you still need to make your room reservation, please use the contact form that we have placed on the hotel reservations page of this website.
Sending a message to us is not really going to help, as we have no further involvement with the room reservations other than having arranged a good price deal for you.

Please take some time to look around on our website  for answers to any questions you may have.

We hope to see all of you at SMC 2016.