Hi everybody,

We do get emails with questions every now and then so we thought it would be a good idea to share them with you, to save all of us some valuable bench time ­čÖé
We believe that we have all info pretty much complete on our website, but what the heck, here we go!

  1. Yes, SMC is a genuine two day show, with both days open for visitors, with trade, clubs, contest etc.
  2. No , we don’t sell tickets online. We are pretty well organized to avoid long cues at the main entrance.
  3. Yes, the room reservation contact form works, but it might take 48 hrs to receive your confirmation. It’s an NH Hotels thing…..sorry folks.
  4. Yes, you definitely need to pre-register for the Saturday and Sunday diners. At the hotel reception where you have to purchase your diner vouchers they have the reservations list and the people on that list are served first. FYI: last year the restaurant was full, so better not take a lucky shot. Buffet on Friday is available but not under the SMC-flag, so to speak.
  5. Yes, the contest is two days and participants have to either pre-register,  or register on Saturday, 1st October at the show, until 13:00 hrs.
  6. Yes, pre-registration closes on Sunday 25th September at midnight. That’s ┬á00:00 hrs!
  7. Pre-registration means creating your account and enter models. Only creating an account, without entering models, is not considered a pre-registration.
  8. Ok, small glitch here:┬áthere can be an issue when you register your models. You might get a rather weird notification from our provider PCExtreme. Don’t panic, but instead empty you browsers’ cache. Something you should do from time to time anyway, according to “those who know” (ICT- dudes, get it?). CTRL-SHIFT-DEL and off you go. With a clean cache you should not experience any further issues.
  9. Yes, there will be a load of demos going on, non-stop, for two days in the EXPOZONE, and you can attend them for free. Acrylicos Vallejo, Scale 75, Fer Miniatures, Nuts Planet, AK Interactive with a very large crew, Chestnut Ink and Tiny Leads….do you really need any more reasons why you should come to SMC?
  10. But no, the official workshops by Meg Maples, Radek Pituch, Wu Bayin, Bill Horan and Lester Plaskitt cannot be attended if you are not a registered participant.
  11. And yes, there is only one seat left, at Meg’s workshop on Sunday. All other seats are filled.
  12. Indeed we are releasing a book to commemorate our 10th SMC this year. Released at the show, but also available online afterwards.
  13. And we are introducing a new figure line, especially for our new contest class in 2017. First release will be available at SMC and also online later.
  14. Yes, the seminars by Mike Blank (Saturday) and Bill Horan (Sunday) can be attended for free.
  15. And hell yes, we have a kick ass jury for the contest!
  16. And oh yes, you bet we are candidating for the World Model Expo in 2020!
  17. Now, get movin’ and make sure to be there and see for yourself why SMC is┬ámaking the difference!