Hello all,

While the registration for traders at SMC is running at full steam, we would like to share some other info with our potential visitors.

Main question for most of you probably is when the hotel rooms at the NH Koningshof at the venue can be booked. NH will open bookings for SMC attendees on May 1, 2023.
More information and a list with alternative accommodations is available on the dedicated page of our website: https://www.scalemodelchallenge.com/hotel-accommodation-travel/

Contest registration will only start in August 2023, but we have made some changes in the contest classes. We have listened to the advice we have been given and have added some classes, without going all crazy though, and have changed some other classes.
We did take our SMC philosophy into account in the expansions, which is to sensibly limit the number of classes per theme .

• For those that want to display their work out of competition we have added class 0 into our registration system Emperor. Indeed, we will allocate dedicated tables for Out of Competition exhibitors.
• In order to take pressure off the heavily attended Fantasy Painting class we will introduce a class dedicated to small figures up to 40mm tall; single pieces or squads/groups up to 10 pieces. For example gaming figures fit into this class but it certainly is not limited to gaming figures, or even fantasy, only.
• We are also meeting the request to expand aircraft classes. Including a separate class for helicopters.
• We split the civilian models into two separate class: one for utility vehicles and one for civilian, racing & rally cars, motorcycles etc. And yeah, we know, this one is way overdue😊

More info and details about the SMC contest will be available on the website early 2023.

We are currently compiling the new workshop programme. We aim to start ticket sales for the workshops from 1 April 2023.

Keep an eye on this website!