Delayed start ticket sales

Delayed start ticket sales

Dear all,

unfortunately we had to postpone the start of the online ticket sales due to a technical issue that needs to be resolved. We had planned the lift off for April 15, but it will be a few days later.

No, we have not been hacked, nor are any data leaked. We need to ensure that when you buy a ticket, you actually get an email with a link in order to download that ticket.

We need the help of our provider for that, but it will take a couple of days, sadly. 

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Stay tuned for a new launch date.

See you in October!



The 100

The 100

Vendor count SMC 2024 passing the 100 line

SMC keeps surprising even us as organisers.

Monday January 15th we sent the newsletter inviting the vendors for SMC 2024.

Usually we start two months earlier, about a month or so after the previous SMC. We thought it was a smart plan to take kind of  a break this time around, hence we started only recently.

Much to our surprise, the mailbox was flooded with registrations forms just minutes after the newsletter went out, and this went on all day on Monday and Tuesday. And although it slowed down a bit, this continued until this day (Friday 19th).

Long story short, we are now at the point that we have 110 registrations which means we are nearing the stage that we are fully booked.

In 2023 there were 135 registered stands, and if you consider that, maybe you can understand that we are completely amazed by this. To put it into perspective: previously it took roughly 4 months to reacht that number, and now we reached is less than 5 days.

And the mix is awesome already: great names for all sections of our hobby that you could already find at SMC. And some of those vendors have aoberlready informed us that they will come with stunning new releases.

We’re excited. Hopefully you are too.

See you in October!


SMC 2023 results and reports

SMC 2023 results and reports

SMC 2023 Results

We have published the results of the SMC 2023 on the “History” page of this website.
Along with it, you can find an elaborate photo report by Eric Reits, a video report by Figurine TV and links to a selection of reports we found on You Tube.

We hope that you enjoy watching it and if you feel like it: we have similar pages for every edition of SMC since 2007.

Meanwhile, we hope to see you back at SMC in 2024. Save the dates:


Best of Show 2024 winners

“Men and Whale”
by Per Olav Lund – Best of Ordnance

by Patrick Masson & Erik Swinson- Best of Fantasy Figures

“Ignacio Wills. Alpens – 1873”
by Juan C Avila Ribadas – Best of Historical Figures

Final vendor list and all new contest classes

The SMC contest classes have received a massive overhaul.

We decided to split most of the categories into two levels: standard and master. The majority of these changes have affected the scale modelling classes, although we also looked at the figure classes for this.

Obviously the judging criteria, and the rules to some extend, have also been amended accordingly.

Read more about it on the contest page

And the complete list of vendors is now published too. Don’t forget to check them out (links provided in the list) as all of them will happily take your pre-orders to the show.

See you at SMC 2023, on October 14/15 2023.

Save the dates!



Vendor list SMC 2023 online

March 1, 2023

Today we have published the list of confirmed vendors for SMC 2023. You can find it on the Trade page of this website.

And while the list is already impressive, you can expect more names to follow after their final confirmation comes in.  We plan weekly updates to the list, so stay tuned.

And don’t forget that most, if not all, vendors would be happy to take pre-orders!

In case you have missed previous announcements: hotel rooms at the NH Koningshof at the venue can be booked from May 1, 2023 onwards.
More information and a list with alternative accommodations is available on the dedicated page of our website:

Keep an eye in this website for more information about the contest, additional vendors, clubs stands, workshops program, ticket sales and more!