On this page you will find all info about the SMC contest.

We recommended that you read the classes, rules and the judging criteria closely. This will help you to understand our contest and you will be able to select the correct class to enter your model(s). You will also find more detailed information about the contest than you can see on this page only.

We have taken several measures to avoid long queues during registration. You will find how we intend to do that and what you can contribute to ensure a fast and smooth registration process during the show and avoid possible cues.

We would like to remind you that the contest area will be closed during judging, which means that the contest room will close on Saturday 20th, from 15:00 onwards and will only re-open to visitors on Sunday 21st, at 10:00 until closing of the show


The awards ceremony is held on Sunday 21st October and starts at 15:45 hrs, in the Brabant hall a.k.a. the SMC restaurant. You can find the location on the floor plan on this website.

On Sunday morning you can already see if you have won a medal. We will mark all medal winning models with a generic card. These cards only indicate that you won a medal, but do not reveal which one. We wish to keep that surprise until the awards ceremony.

Highly Commended (HC) awards will not be handed over on stage, but you will find a card added to your winning model, which you can use to claim your HC award at the contest registration desk on Sunday between 13:00 and 15:00.

Prizes donated by traders can be collected at their own stands on Sunday 21st October from 14:00 hrs onwards. In case your models or figures have won a prize donated by a trader, you will find a card accompanying your model, which you can take to collect your prize.

We welcome all prizes by clubs, but in order to reduce the length of the awards ceremony we kindly request all clubs that offer a prize to add that prize to the model/figure on the contest tables.

Contest Registration

Attention: You can only participate in the contest for two days. Registration on Sunday 21st October is not possible, nor can you place models on the tables anymore. 

The contest area has been enlarged and the registration desks are located in a separate, larger and   adjacent area. This will make it easier for you to find the correct desk to finalize your entries. Please proceed to the floorplan for more details.

Per model you pay a standard fee of € 4, for a maximum of 5 models. More entries per participant are most welcome, but every entry over 5 is free of charge.
For pre-registered models you only pay €2 per model, also for a maximum of 5 models.

The entrance fee for the show is not included in the contest fees!


There are two options for entering the competition:

PRE-REGISTRATION (preferred method)

Through the online registration application EMPEROR, from 1st September until 14th October 2018

In Emperor you will create your own account, using your own password. You can make any changes on-line until pre-registration closes on 14th October 2018. Changes after that date can only be made by our staff at the contest desk at SMC.

On Saturday October 20th, there will be three desks especially for pre-registrations.
One desk will be for pre-registrations that require changes (e.g. adding or deleting models. This sometimes happens, but takes a bit more time to process) , and two more desks are for pre-registrations that do not require changes  . We split those two desks for participants by alphabet (last name).
Please note that making changes in your pre- registration on Saturday at the show will slow down the administrative process considerably, so in case you need to make changes, please make them yourself, if possible, before October 14.

Upon arrival at the show, please proceed to the correct desk, pay your fee and collect an envelope that contains your owners list, stickers, cards, and markers to border your display(s).


on 20th October 2018, between 10:00 and 13:00(!) hrs.


In case you have not pre-registered, you should enter all data yourself at the terminals we have available for you in the contest area. We also provide assistance, should you need any. Don’t hesitate to ask!


After you have completed your entries, please proceed to the appropriate desks for onsite-registrations to pay the contest fee and collect your envelope that contains your owners list, stickers, cards, and  markers to border your display(s).


There will be a special seperate desk to handle all onsite-registrations.


  • When you create an account In Emperor, either with pre-registration or with onsite-registration, you will receive a User ID. Please mark this User ID. On Saturday we provide Post-It’s to write them down in case you register onsite. Having your  User ID present will speed up the administrative process on Saturday! The user ID is also printed on the owners list
  • On Saturday you can pay for your entries by cash.  Paying by PIN (Debet card) or by  credit cards is not possible.
  • When collecting your models after the show on Sunday, you could be requested by our security team to show your owners list.  You will receive this list at the registration desk in any cas, but you could print it yourself and bring it along.
  • The entrance fee for the show is not included in the contest fee!


 Occasionally we receive enquiries from people for exhibiting their models “out of competition”.

 Due to space restrictions we are unable to provide this possibility, so we have to refer you to the club tables, in case you’re a member of one of the exhibiting clubs.




Jury of SMC 2018

The list of judges for the SMC 2018 contest as confirmed so far:

Scale Modelling Contest

Head Judge:
Ivan Cocker (MT)

Robert Balda (UK)
André Kliebisch (NL)
Mike McCabe (UK)
Guido Ramant (B)
Alex Friedrich (D)
Laurent Stankowiak (FR)
Daniel Zamarbide Suarez (E)
Jan Goormans (B)
Peter Zuidgeest (NL)
Jérôme Hermétèt (FR)
Markus Lack (D)
Fabio Sacchi (IT)
Luc Klinkers (NL)
Rubén González Hernández (E)
José Brito (P)
Radek Pituch (PL)
David Parker (UK)
Sven Frisch (D)
Thierry van den Bogaert (B)
Joaquin Garcia Gazquez (E)
Roman Volchenkov (RUS)
Jeroen Veen (NL)

Figure Contest

Head judge:
Fabio Nunnari (IT)

Kyrill Kanaev (RUS)
Antonio Leveque (IT)
Philippe Gengembre (FR)
Pepe Gallardo (E)
Enzo Favaro (IT)
Francesco Farrabi (IT)
Bernard Tardif (FR)
Aleksandra Cvetanovski (RS)
Peter Rauchbach (D)
Antonio Zapatero (E)
Richard Poisson (FR)
Pepa Saveedra (E)
Roman Gruba (RUS)
Ray Farrugia (MT)
John Keys (UK)
Anastasya Podorozhna (UA)
Louis Dorio (FR)
Antonio Pena (E)
Conrad Schulte (D)


the SMC contest rules in a PDF file


All contest classes listed in a PDF file

Judging Criteria

Guidelines for judges and contest participants in a PDF file

Registration will open in September 1, 2018. Stay tuned!









Proceed to Emperor for your contest registration


The main Awards & Medal ceremony will take place on Sunday, October 21st, in the Brabant hall , and starts at 15:45 hrs. Please refer to the SMC floorplan on this website for the location.

Best of Standard Figure Painting Contest by Mr. Lee’s Minis

Best of Standard Scale Modelling Contest by

Best In Show Historical Figure Painting Contest   by Pegaso Models

Best In Show Fantasy Figure Painting Contest  by Kimera Models

Best In Show Scale Modelling Contest by AK Interactive

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