The World Trade Center Memorial Project

The World Trade Center Memorial Project is a project by Daan van der Steijn from Deurne, the Netherlands.

He has recreated the entire World Trade Center including the world famous Twin Towers in miniature. Daan started the project when he was 14 years old in May 2016.
3.5 years later at the end of August 2019 when he was just 18 years old, his project was officially completed.

Daan made The World Trade Center Memorial Project all by himself. When started this project he never had any lessons in woodworking or anything in that direction until that upcoming year at school.

Daan’s mind blowing work can be found in the SMC contest area.

Some facts about this project

Daan used as the following materials:

67 boxes of model plaster totalling 167,5 kgs for more than 50,000 home-made blocks
44 liters of paint
33 kilos of glue
2.565 LED lights
700 meters of cable
95m2 of wood board material
134m of wooden beams
8m2 plexi glass
750 meters masking tape
10 meters of steel bars
and more than 4,500 screws

But that is by no means everything!

Daan has meticulously kept track of all the materials that he used for the project including the costs, resulting in a 7,5 pages file, listing all the materials and costs.

The total costs amount to € 8.593,03 and Daan has paid all of it by himself through many different jobs.

The project’s estimated weight is between 300 – 400 KG in total and the dimensions of the tables on which the project is presented are: 222.5 x 215 cms.

The total height is 305,5 cms

There is also a genuinely working water fountain and even music incorporated.

Why this WTC Memorial Project ?

All 2.977 names of the victims of the attacks on 11 September 2001 are mentioned all around on the edges of the tables. The 6 names of the victims of the WTC bomb attack that took place on 26 February 1993 are also on the edges of the tables.

The project is called: “The World Trade Center Memorial Project” because it’s a memorial so that we’ll never forget those 2,983 innocent victims.

Daan wants as many people as possible to view his World Trade Center Memorial project in memory of the victims and the horrific event on 9/11.

You can watch the WTC Memorial Project and meet Daan at SMC 2019 on 19-20 October.


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