During both days of the show, we offer visitors the opportunity to follow interactive workshops conducted by renowned artists.

Please note that purchasing workshop tickets online is required. We do not accept new participants during the show.

The primary language in all classes will be English  unless indicated otherwise!




Workshop Prices and participation

  • By purchasing a workshop ticket you agree with the general ticket terms and with the specific workshop terms as stated next:
  • The prices of all workshops mentioned for each workshop do not include the SMC admission fee. You are required to purchase your admission tickets separately.
  • In order to participate in the workshops, are also required to purchase a ticket for each workshop separately.
  • We do not accept new participants at the show itself! Our teachers need to obtain and prepare materials, and so do we.
  • Please note that we only accept participants that can present a valid workshop ticket. Valid also means for the workshop you plan to follow. There are no generic workshop tickets, as prices per workshop vary.
  • Without admission ticket you cannot participate in the workshops program. Obviously, you need only one admission ticket per day, regardless of the number of workshops you enter, or a multi-day ticket in case you follow workshops on more than one day.
  • You can purchase your workshop ticket(s) in the same order as your admission and other tickets. All tickets are offered on the special ticketing website, starting April 15.
  • After purchasing your tickets online, you will receive these in your mail box (Make sure that you enter your email address correctly!). We recommend that you check your spam folder too!
  • In the outline (PDF) of each workshop you will find what is included in the price.
  • Online ticket sales for the workshops closes on September 1, 2023!

Show admission & contest participation

Show admission & contest participation
  • Workshop participants are requested to enter the show via the fast entry lanes, thus avoiding the inevitable queue at the entrance in the morning.
  • Workshop participants for morning sessions, and who enter models into the SMC contest, are invited to use the priority check-in lane in the contest registration room on Saturday, so they can be at their workshop in time.
    Therefore it is recommended that you pre-register your models for the contest. Pre-registration for the contest opens August 1,  and closes September 30.
  • SMC 2023 admission tickets can be purchased online separately and also at the ticket counters during the show.
  • Unless indicated otherwise, there will be no further communication with the students about the workshops prior to the show. All info you need is mentioned here on the website.

Provided materials

Provided materials
  • Materials provided by the organisation are property of Oh For Zero Events and are not supposed to be taken back home with you.
  • Except for any models, figures or busts or materials that are explicitly mentioned to be included in the price of several workshops, all provided materials are only for use during the workshop and not included in the price of the workshop as such.
  • Please respect our properties.


    Payments, cancellations and refund policy

    • All payments are required to be made upon purchase of the tickets.
    Cancellations and refund policy
    • We guarantee that participants will be 100% refunded for their workshops tickets, minus possible banking or PayPal charges, in case of cancellation of the workshop by the teacher of the workshop, or of the entire event by the organization.
    • In all other cases we do not refund purchased workshop tickets.
    • In accordance with the general terms of Oh For Zero Events, you can transfer the workshop ticket to another person, in case you are unable to attend.

    For more information, please re-read!

    Saturday October 14

    10:30-13:30 Gerard Boom
    10:00-14:00 Thorbjørn Barone
    10:30-15:30 Francesco Farabi
    11:00-14:00 Bernhard Lustig
    14:00-19:30 Diego Ruina
    15:00-18:00 Lester Plaskitt
    16:00-19:00 Marijn van Gils

    Sunday October 15

    10:30-13:30 Gerard Boom
    10:00-15:00 Andy Wardle
    10:00-15:00 Michał Szymeczko
    10:00-15:00 Marco Frisoni


    Bernhard Lustig ^

    Chipping, rust and oil stains

    A practical guide to adding chipping, rust and oil stains on AFV models, using acrylic paints and acrylic diorama products to achieve realistic and in scale weathering effects.

    Special price deal when you also book the workshop with Lester Plaskitt!

    Level: Any

    Lester Plaskitt ^

    Acrylic dust and mud

    A practical guide to adding dust and mud effects to AFV models using acrylic paints and acrylic diorama products to achieve realistic and in scale weathering effects.

    Special price deal when you also book the workshop with Bernhard Lustig!

    Level: Any

    Marijn van Gils ^

    Diorama Designs

    Join the master-of-everything-in- miniature in this hands-on workshop and improve your next diorama or vignette.

    Level: Any

    Michał Szymeczko ^

    Introduction to painting fantasy creatures

    Join Michał in this workshop in which yuou learns how to paint a Dragon’s head from the overall sketch to finishing the last details to achive amazing results.

    Level: Beginners/Advanced

    Marco Frisoni ^

    Underpainting techniques & advanced contrast paints

    A deep dive into the classical underpainting techniques and how to use them in miniature painting with modern media like Contrast Paints and Inks

    Level: Any


    Diego Ruina ^

    Light & shadow and wear effects on historical figures

    Another legend returns to SMC with a workshop in which you learn how to improve your painting of historical miniatures with a special focus towards representing metals, textile and weathering.

    Level: Any


    Francesco Farabi ^

    Freehand Don’t Panic

    Scared of painting free hands. Fear no more. Francesco shows you how to do it and get great results with his unique style.

    Level: Any

    Thorbjørn Barone ^

    Complete introduction to digital miniature sculpting

    Are you dreaming of making your own miniatures? In this bootcamp you’lldip your toes intothe universe of sculpting, learningthe basics of different aspects.

    Level: Any

    Gerard Boom ^

    Foam terrain masterclass

    Gerard shows you how to take your diorama structures or gaming terrain to the next level. Two workshops, one every day. In each workshop you have the opportunity to pick from 3 different topics to build out of foam

    Level: Beginner

    Andy Wardle ^

    Painting Faces

    No more fear of painting faces! This workshop will focus on making painting skin a more approachable process. 

    Level: Beginner/Advanced


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