Kirill Kanaev Workshop Weekend

15th-16th February 2020 



Join us in another weekend with one of the best painters and teachers in the hobby today and expand your skills with new insights and approaches to figure painting.

During this weekend Kirill will take you through the methods and techniques that he uses to achieve the amazing and life-like skin tones on his figures.

For each step in the process you will first watch the “How-To” by Kirill  himself after which you get to work on the bust that will be supplied for this workshop, and Kirill will guide you along by checking the progress and providing individual support on your progress.


Wijkcentrum De Mortel
Classroom: Achste Barrier
Savoiepad 14
5627 DX Eindhoven
The Netherlands

Program Kirill Kanaev seminar weekend

Saturday 15th February 2020

09:00 venue opens
09:30 start seminar
13:00 lunch break
14:00 seminar continues
17:00 end of seminar day 1

20:00 Saturday Night Show Down (a.k.a. diner in a restaurant in downtown EIndhoven)

Sunday 16th February 2020

09:00 venue opens
09:30 start seminar
13:00 lunch break
14:00 seminar continues
17:00 end of seminar weekend


Topic of this workshop is painting the human face. The face is  the most important part of the model. The reason I say this, is because of way of the human perception of the world. Human attention is always searching for the face or the eyes in all images around  us. With any combination of spots, the human brain is trying to combine and interpret them as a face because it`s one of the ancient mechanisms important for individual survival.

The human brain is watching around for enemies and predator animals. Eyes amongst the trees might be a sign of potential danger. We don`t think about it now, but this searching  stays as  one of the  “default programs” in the human brain. This is a reason why when we check a figure firstly we check a face and make a quality assessment. First impressions are important: when the face doesn`t look good,  then rest of the figure is also not good.

Otherwise, if the face is looking lively, our opinion about the figure in general will also be positive. During two days,  8 hours of workshop each, I show how to use realistic skin tone, how to apply texture and extra details onto the skin,  how to paint the eyes that look alive and how to paint authentically looking hair.

All the main material requirements are described in the PDF file “Workshop outline”, Please read it with attention. Especially for this workshop I can recommend to have a set of the flesh tones, it`s not necessary but can help you to mix the tones easily. For every participant a bust will be provided, a special brush and printed color reference sheets.


Please read the outlines of the semnar weekend carefully before you sign up.  It contains all info about the details of the workshop program per day and information on what you should consider bringing along.

In the outline Kirill also mentions which light source is best to use. Please note that as a standard, we will provide armatures with day light bulbs for all participants, but if you prefer to bring your own lamp, feel free to do so.

Seminar Price:  € 185

What you need to bring yourself:

Paint brushes – selection of normal sizes (00 to 1+)

Selection of acrylic paints, whatever you usually paint with, but please refer to the seminar outline (PDF) for details and important remarks from Kirill.

Pallet – dry in any case,  wet pallet may be used, but please refer to the seminar outline about this.


Included in the seminar price:

  • Special seminar dedicated figure, designed, sculpted and produced by Kirill Kanaev
  • A thin brushes that Kirill normally uses will be available to participants during the workshop, but you’ll need to bring your own as well.
  • Desk lamps with daylight bulbs (so you don’t need to bring your own)
  • Disposables: water/mixing cups, paper tissues etc.
  • Extension cords and power strips (multiple connectors)

For the record: We have 230V here in the Netherlands and we use Euro plugs!

Not included in the seminar price:

Paints: Please bring your own according to the outline (PDF)

Lunch: we offer the possibility for a joint lunch at € 12,50 per person/per day.

Lunch includes soup, a selection of rolls and sandwiches,  tea, and coffee.

Please note that the venue rules do not allow you to take your own lunch and drinks.

During the day you can obtain beverages and snacks from the bar at very reasonable prices.

Also not included in the seminar price:

Saturday Night Show Down Diner: on Saturday evening at 20:00

We have planned a joint diner in Eindhovens’ city centre. A nice opportunity to talk about figure painting, creative things in general, the world today, and maybe even talk about things that really matter, in a setting away from the paints and figures while enjoying good food and drinks amongst old and new friends.

We’ll keep things simple and affordable yet very tasty, and will decide where to go at a later date,  also depending on the number of people joining for diner. In any case we will go somewhere in the centre of Eindhoven. The city hosts plenty of freat and affordable restaurants, so choice is abundant.

Just tick the box on the registration form if you want to come along, so we can plan accordingly.

Payment for the diner will be at the restaurant, so there´s no pre-payment required for this adventure.

Payment, cancellation and refund policies:


  • Payment in advance is required for all participants. Immediately upon registration you will receive an automatically generated invoice. Payment is required within 14 days of invoice date. Your seat will only be ensured after receipt of your payment.
  • In case you fail to pay within the requested time frame your seat will be allocated to another attendee.
  • Please note that for payments made via Paypal we add a 5% surcharge.
  • In all cases we will reduce the refunded amount with any prior banking costs, should these apply.

Refund Policy and conditions

  • Due to the short  period between registration and seminar dates were are unable to grant refunds in case you are unable to attend. 
  • We do however, guarantee a full refund of the seminar fee in case the seminar is cancelled on behalf of the organization or Mr. Kanaev due to  urgent and unforeseen matters.
  • The organization nor mr. Kanaev, nor affiliated companies can be held responsible for a possible cancellation of the event due to external factors.
  • We recommend that participants have their own travel- and cancellation insurance to cover risks and costs other than the seminar fee.
  • Occupied space 95% 95%

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