SMC 2016 Commemorative Figure by Fer Miniatures

Fer Miniatures is introducing a new line: Women by Pepa Saavedra. Yes indeed, the one and only Pepa Saavedra and the first release in this range will be available in a limited run of 50 pcs at SMC 2016.
We proudly present to you (as you can also see on the poster 🙂 : ATHENA !


We  are extremely proud to have this scoop at our show!

The piece will be exclusively available at the tombola/raffle stand.
Live a happier life being the owner of this awesome bust and get it while you can at SMC 2016!

Dutch Masters Miniatures

At SMC 2017 we will introduce a special contest class and especially for this class we launch a new line of figures called Dutch Masters Miniatures. The first release is a totally 100% accurate depiction of the Dutch master Rembrandt van Rijn. Well….accurate in an artistic sense.

The figure is sculpted by Antonio “Piqui” Fernandez and the boxart is painted by Margot Crombeecke
This figure will be available at the tombola/raffle stand and during SMC it is priced at € 15,90.

By purchasing the figure you will support SMC!

More info:


Anniversary book Making The Difference

We are releasing an anniversary book at the show entitled Making the Difference. Indeed, modesty is not the keyword here.  Besides  a lot of really cool articles from great artists in our hobby, we reveal with pictures, the many possibilities of using duct tape.
Curious what that ‘s all about? Buy the book and support the show.

The book will be available at the tombola/raffle stand for € 20, and yes we will sell it online later as well.
Check out sample pages and more here:


Final call to pre-registrations for SMC !

First and for all: the last 57 hours (or about) to pre-register your models have started. Pre-registration closes Sunday at midnight.
For registration and everything else concerning our contest, go here:

Registration for Saturday and/or Sunday buffet diners closes on Tuesday. Want to be ensured  of a seat and food? Register please at (more…)


Hi everybody,

We do get emails with questions every now and then so we thought it would be a good idea to share them with you, to save all of us some valuable bench time 🙂
We believe that we have all info pretty much complete on our website, but what the heck, here we go! (more…)

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