During both days of the show, we offer visitors the opportunity to follow several interactive workshops conducted by renowned modellers.
Please note that pre-registration is required. We do not accept registrations on site.



Saturday, October 21

10:30-13:00 Gerard Boom – Structures from Styrodur

10:30-14:30 Roman Gruba – Painting Faces
10:30-14:30 Jay Laverty – Xtreme Metal Finishes on Aircraft Models
10:30-14:30 David Parker – Improved Tank Crew Figures

14:45-17:00 Bernhard Lustig – Weathering & Winter Camouflage
14:45-17:00 Meg Maples – 2 Brush Blending
14:45-17:00 Mark Soley – Glazing/Layering
14:45-17:00 Alfonso Giraldes – Sketching Faces

Sunday, October 22

10:30-13:00 Christian Gerard – Airbrushing Acrylics/New Paint Brands
10:30-13:00 Gerard Boom – Structures from Styrodur
10:30-13:00 Mark Soley – Creating Your Own Foliage

10:30-14:30 Alfonso Giraldes – Painting Faces
10:30-14:30 Davide Decina – Directional Lights/Coloured Lights

13:15-15:30 Meg Maples – Colour Theory
13:15-15:30 Jay Laverty – Weathering Xtreme Metal Finishes

Meg Maples

Meg Maples is a figure painter from the USA, but now living in Australia. She is renowned for her work for Privateer Press, but is working as a free lance painter now and conducting workshops all over the world.

Meg will do a workshop on Saturday focussing on the Two Brush Blending technique, and on Sunday she will explain Colour Theory in a presentation.

PRICE: € 25

Meg’s Saturday workshop on 2-Brush Blending starts at 14:45
Her Sunday seminar on Colour Theory starts at 13:15
  • Occupation at Megs workshop on Saturday 80%
  • Occupation at Megs workshop on Sunday 60%

David Parker

David is professionally involved in our hobby for quite a few years already and is the editor of Meng AFV Modeller  and Meng Air Modeller magazines and has published various books on scale modelling. His extensively enhanced and scratch built interiors and upgrades for different 1/16th scale kits, such as the T34 and King Tiger and the subsequent puclications about these builds, are legendary and highly recommended reading for armour enthousiasts.

PRICE: € 35

David’s workshop will be held on Saturday morning and starts at 10:30
  • Occupation at David´s workshop 90%

Mark Soley

Mark Soley is an Australian painter most widely recognized for his Nurgle Lord that won the last awarded Australian Slayer Sword in 2012. He is recognized around the world for his use of color and blending as well as his composition and basing work.

PRICE: € 25

Mark’s Saturday workshop on Glazing & Layering starts at 14:45
His Sunday seminar on Creating Your Own Foliage starts at 10:30
  • Occupation at Mark Soley´s workshop on Saturday 40%
  • Occupation at Mark Soley´s workshop on Sunday 0%

Alfonso “Banshee”Giraldes

As a long time professional in the fantasy miniature business, the Spanish painterAlfonso is most beknown for his eye-opening, mind breaking weekend workshop about color theory. His aim is to provide students in his class with techniques that help them to achieve satisfying results in a relatively short time.


Saturday € 25

Sunday € 35

 Alfonso’s workshop on Saturday about Sketching Faces starts at 14:45
His Sunday workshop about Painting Faces starts at 10:30

Alfonso’s workshop for Sunday is fully booked.

If you want to be on the waiting list (e.g. in case we receive a cancellation), please mention this on the registration form in the “remarks” box.

You are also requested to use the form even if the only option you want is to be on the waiting list for Alfonso’s Sunday workshop. In that case payment is only required if space becomes available.

  • Occupation at Alfonso´s Saturday workshop 90%
  • Occupation at Alfonso´s Sunday workshop 100%

Gerard Boom

Although Gerard has never been  a true tabletop fanatic or miniature collector, he gets his kicks out of building scenery and exploring the possibilities of a wide range of building materials and creating helpful tools to ease the job,

His favourite material nowadays is Styrodur and Gerard conducts workshops throughout Europe  to help people on their way in to this wonderful hobby.

PRICE: € 25

Gerard’s workshops about Building Structures from Styrodur start at 10:30 on both days
  • Occupation at Gerard Boom´s workshop on Saturday 40%
  • Occupation at at Gerard Boom´s workshop on Sunday 30%

Christian Gerard

German aircraft modeller Christian Gerard is well known for the flawless and vivid finishes on his models. He will explain and show how a nice finish can be achieved with acrylic colours. Emphasis for the workshop is on fine line work and free-hand camo airbrushing.

PRICE: € 25

Christian’s workshop will be held on Sunday and starts at 10:30
  • Occupation at Christian’s workshop 20%

Davide Decina

Davide Decina was born in Rome in Italy in the 1964 and started modelling hobby at the age of 12 as a painter. During the early years he painted a lot of Comics, movie and Fantasy Character, but also historical figures, in various materials and scales.

Davide became a professional painter in 1999 and is specialized in painting directional lights effects. He has done a many Fantasy and Historical box arts for manufacturers like Pegaso Models, Romeo Models, Best Soldiers, Lab-54, Acolyte Miniatures, Green Monkey Models, Miniature Tale, Dreaming Images, and many more. He has also won many international prizes at all the prestigious shows in the world and has collaborated with the most important sculptors in this field.

PRICE: € 35

Davide Decina’s workshop on Sunday will start at 10:30
  • Occupation at Davide Decina´s workshop 0%

Roman Gruba

Roman Gruba from Smolensk is one of the very talented young Russian miniaturists and has gained many awards in all prestigeous shows. He is extremely versatile and paints both historic and fantasy subjects, different textures and atmospheres at an astonishingly high level.

PRICE: € 45

(Bust included!)

 Roman Gruba’s workshop will be held on Saturday and starts at 10:30

Roman’s workshop is fully booked.

If you want to be on the waiting list (e.g. in case we receive a cancellation), please mention this on the registration form in the “remarks” box.

You are also requested to use the form even if the only option you want is to be on the waiting list for Roman’s workshop. In that case payment is only required if space becomes available.

  • Occupation at Roman Gruba´s workshop 100%

Jay Laverty

UK based, but Canadian born Jay Laverty has been editor for various magazines for aircraft modelling and as such he has build more models than most of us could ever imagine.  Jay’s skills are widely varied as he builds civilian, afv or aircraft models with equal ease and of a stunningly high level. Above all, Jay’s is one of the best and most entertaining teachers you can have.



Saturday € 35

Sunday € 25

Jays’s Saturday workshop on Xtreme Metal Finishes starts at 10:30
His Sunday workshop on Weathering Xtreme Metal Finishes starts at 13:15
  • Occupation at Jay´s workshop on Saturday 20%
  • Occupation at Jay´s workshop on Sunday 10%

Bernhard Lustig

Bernhard Lustig is renowned world wide for his outstanding and award winning dioramas and AFV models. His work is always of a consistent high level and second to none. Eye for detail and quality makes him stand out as one of the worlds best dioramists.

PRICE: € 25

 Bernhard’s workshop on Saturday about Weathering & Winter Camouflage starts at 14:45
  • Occupation at Bernhards´s workshop 80%


By registering you agree with the terms as stated below.

Please note that we only accept participants that have pre-registered using the registration form.
We do not accept registrations on site, during the show.

Use of airbrush compressors
Some workshops require using an airbrush, and a compressor of course. If this is the case, it will be specifically indicated in the outline document of that workshop. We prefer you bring your own compressor, but in case this is not possible we have multiple outlet compressors available. However, there will be a € 10 surcharge if you choose to use our compressor. You can indicate this option on the registration form. On the form you should also indicate the type of airbrush that you will bring, as we shall also provide quick release connectors to fit your brand airbrush. We charge a € 10 deposit for the use of these connectors which will be refunded in cash after returning it to us.

Materials provided by the organisation are property of SMC and are not supposed to be taken back home with you. Except for the bust in Roman Gruba’s workshop, all provided materials are only provided for use during the workshop and not included in the price of the workshop as such. Please respect our properties.

Participants will receive an invoice after registration and payment is due in advance, within 14 days of the invoice date.
Paypal payments are subject to a 5% surcharge.

Cancellations and refunds
We guarantee that participants will be 100% refunded, minus possible banking or PayPal charges, in case of cancellation by the teacher.
Alternatively, if participants have a liable reason to cancel themselves they will be refunded according to the following model:
  Cancellation before 15th September 2017: 75% of the paid amount, minus banking charges when applicable
  Cancellation after 15th September 2017: no refund

IMPORTANT: All cancellations are required to be made by email to the address stated on the invoice. If we do not receive any notification of absence nor your payment, this is not considered a cancellation and payment is still required.

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